Intel’s World Ahead Program was established May Customized, low resource version of open-source Ubuntu Linux with bundled open-source education applications 4. A Linux Education for Everyone. International Design Forum Hanover. Gordon Moore Robert Noyce. They are currently being sold through sears. The reference design is then used by original equipment manufacturers OEMs worldwide to build their own branded Classmate PC.

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Appropriate technology Information and communication technologies for development Subnotebooks Linux-based devices Intel. Software Archived September 13,at the Wayback Machine.

The reference design is then used by original equipment manufacturers OEMs worldwide to build their own branded Classmate PC. It is sold by classamte retailers, including MediaMarkt. The Convertible Classmate can be converted from a traditional laptop to a tablet PC to allow children to write and draw more naturally. Archived from the original on Although Intel initially criticized the XO laptops for their lack of functionality—Intel’s Chairman of the Board, Craig Barretthimself claimed consumers wanted the full functionality of a PC—the Classmate PCs are currently being heavily marketed against the XO worldwide.

The Touch Netbook to Emulate”. Intel reference hardware specifications sheet.

It comes with a camera and an accelerometer. In AfricaIntel has also started shipping to Libya as part of its deal of supplyingunits. The reference hardware specifications as of September 28, are:. ACcompatible audio subsystem; internal stereo speakers and amplifier; internal monophonic microphone; jacks for external headphones and microphone; Analog Devices AD and Analog Devices SSM for audio amplification [42] Microphone socket can also act as a data logger input.


The program designed a platform for low cost laptops that third party manufacturers could use to produce low albacmp machines under their own respective brands. Despite the wireless chip’s minimalism, it supports WPA.

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International Design Forum Hanover. They are currently being sold through sears.

Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy said it had pulled out because the OLPC organization had asked it to stop backing rival low-cost laptops, [34] [35] while OLPC’s founder Nicholas Negroponte has accused Intel of underhand sales tactics and trying to block contracts to buy his machines. Currently, the Intel powered classmate PC has been shown to run the following Linux distributions:. Although made for profit, the production of the Classmate PC is considered an Information and Communication Technologies for Development project.

In Latin Americacontingent upon the receipt of sufficient international fund monies, the Mexican and Brazilian governments are evaluating whether to buy Intel’s or the OLPC’s laptop. Intel has been actively working with various international and local Linux distributions in various countries. The Classmate PCformerly known as Eduwiseis Intel ‘s entry into the market for low-cost personal computers for children in the developing world.


The successor of the original Classmate design was announced in April [3] and reviewed.

About the lc ofArgentina’s government planned to give all the public high school students one of these netbooks. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Classmate PC. Hamidi Intel Corporation Inc.

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Hardware-based theft deterrent alvacomp. A who have worked with other government and non-government organizations to distribute the Classmate PC to rural areas. In Asiait has been available in Indonesia since early Marchthrough two local brands: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

For Q4 of Mandriva Linux Claassmate 3. The second generation of the device will be available in Europe and United States, in the hope that more sales will drive down the price. Retrieved 21 October Stereo 2 channel audio, built-in speakers and microphone, jack for external output and microphone input [45].