Will Linux give access to the laserWriter ? Offers graphics [4] [6] [7]. They produced print quality that was better than the dot matrix ImageWriters , and were cheaper than the LaserWriters. It has a SCSI connector instead of these other geegaws. Do you have the print driver that came with the printer? Wed Aug 06, 3: If you would like to learn more about legacy networking, check out this site:

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Sanook Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Minimim requirement was 7.

Try the cleaning page first. Yeah, so I’m using XP to post this.

Apple Personal Laserwriter. possible to still make work?

Ethernet card in the IIci. Posted on Mar 16, 8: Newer printers like the HP will spit out a page in seconds after receiving the print command.

After doing some reading on here, it has become clear to me that I won’t easily be able to hook up this printer to my G5 or my Pismo-both running Alternatively you can get other brands, such as Asante, but you may have to download a driver for them. All replies Drop Down menu.


Personal LaserWriter NT:Technical Specifications

It’s not the years, its the mileage Is there a way I could hook this up to a older mac running Classic and acting as a print server in a LAN environment. Can drive a 20 inch external monitor if you can still find one of the cards for it. The powder is toxic and dangerous when floating in the air.

After many blinking lights and much frustration, I actually found an Apple TIL article that said, in effect, “the serial port never really worked all that well; use Ethernet for printing from a PC. I was told it worked, but haven’t tried it lasfrwriter.

I think I’ve got most of this stuff at home – can check this afternoon if you don’t find it first. Mon Aug 04, Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Nice to have the best of both laseerwriter.

Lets you share printer on ethernet, that way you don’t have to use personal print sharing on the LC III. Also wait for the printer to cool down completely, the surface temperatures are byond funny.


You can find one here. It has a SCSI connector instead of these persnal geegaws. May 23, Posts: Low-budget thermal printer has print, ribbon problems”.

Personal LaserWriter NT | Low End Mac

Be happy you don’t have the Personal Laserwriter SC from roughly the same era. If it were me, I’d run the laserwriter bridge software on one of the macs, with an ethernet port, and then you can access it from any of the other macs that have drivers for it.

With unused extensions turned off mainly all those printer drivers, I didn’t get carried away it’s using 2. Aug 19, Posts: Carlson-document and this discussion: Retrieved March 6, Maarten is correct about the System software, the PL first came out circa Sys 6, and required a Truetype font extension, which was folded into Sys 7. Tue Aug 05, 7: Jun 13, Posts: