While the x resolution is nice, I wish it was available with a non-glare coating. I then ran the following in terminal from Step 3: While I don’t hate Vista, I needed something a little bit more reliable to use while I’m in class, so I went with Ubuntu. Once you can confirm it’s a heat related issue, try a few tricks to determine how bad the situation is:. September 10th, 1.

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I’d offer to send you mine for parts, but it doesn’t even get as far as yours does. Dell’s version of Ubuntu see above does not have this issue and the upcoming Ubuntu 7.

all driver for Dell inspiron

I have it installed on the same drive as Vista and I use Vista’s bootloader. The time seems right for a company like Dell to partner with a distribution like Ubuntu and bring Linux to the masses. I have no problem with all drivers. Dell machines have a few little quirks.

Hopefully Dell and Canonical will resolve these problems and make a truly great product that I could feel comfortable recommending to family members who are not familiar with Linux. If it’s using the integrated graphics, it could also be bad RAM. Don’t see your community listed? Need help running Linux on your netbook? If you buuntu to reset your password, click here.

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Can you stand the laptop on it’s edge so the fan is the deol point, unblocked and have it run for hours? And what you probably have to do is plug your notebook into a wired network connection temporarily Popular Guides Preparing your system for Linux.


Dell InspironNo Wireless Then try just installing it: Sounds like the laptop is overheating – considering ubunru investment so far, open the case and try to clean the fan out – it’s probably full of hair and carpet fuzz, if that doesn’t work the bearings could have been fried buy a new fan and see if your problems are resolved.

That has caused problems in the past for me ubntu other people. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network wreless, trainer and consultant. Yes, I used to have that laptop with the Intel wireless option and have run Ubuntu on it since 7. Well I’m running Ubuntu The former has much better drivers available.

Review: Dell Inspiron 1420N with Ubuntu

The instructions in your first post were correct Apple has made the industrial design of their computers into such an art that any other laptops look bad in comparison. With some tweaking and the help of these instructionsI was able to send files to and from the my Sony Ericsson wi and Nokia N How do you rate this laptop with Linux?


PitabredOct 31, I don’t think it has the Nvidia Defect even though it has an Nvidia chip since as I understand it when the Nvidia Defect kicks in no video works at all and I can clearly see it POST and boot and other things.

Thankfully they’ve made their own Ubuntu images to account for them, you should have no problems with this. I have tried everything I could find on the ‘net about this, including: Happy linuxing, with regards Justin. Presumably you have a working hardwire connection you can use to do this. Mind you, I tried enabling the Nvidia drivers, but that didn’t work, and it was asking wirelesx upgrade–I’m still trying to figure out what’s going funny with it.

However, mine recently started locking up and displaying split graphics due to the Nvidia card overheating. You can find it here.

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