There would be no difference in how the Canadian topo maps are produced and offered by DeLorme than what they do for the USGS topo maps. Tim – July 21st, Now begins the weird part… 1. Again thank you Paul – July 19th, I agree with your comment about consumer-grade GPS — for this project which does not involve fine-scale mapping , the m accuracies should be OK — I just wanted to make sure there was not a large difference in performance in this respect between these 2 models. It actually works quite well once it is calibrated.

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DeLorme kicks out waterproof Earthmate PN-30 GPS device

I hear they also take recommendations from customers on a regular basis and incorporate them into later delodme. I have ordered another CR-V3 from Batteries Plus and will assess its performance when it arrives next week.

Turning it on and setting the battery types appropriately in the PN40 menu, then letting it dveice with a 3-D fix inside the house at a window ambient temp around Fdoing nothing with controls, the results have been:. This site uses cookies to offer you a better experience.

I am mainly interested in the topographic and aerial maps and really like what I have read here about the PN series. Emily Hague – April 12th, They have other units that have inland lakes or coastal charts.

Users can also keep track of nautical charts. Again, get some computer-literate friend to help you until you are comfortable with the menus and some basic tasks like marking waypoints for example, your camp and the spot where you down your elk. The biggest point of debate with the PN will undoubtedly be the screen. Robert – November 30th, I have a question about managing tracks and waypoints. In fact from the outside the only different you will notice is that the PN is orange and the PN was yellow.


Says fully charged, but dies within minutes. Is the PN limited to caches as well? Robert – March 27th, In most ways the screen is fantastic.

DeLorme Earthmate PN Handheld | eBay

You will probably only have to do that once, but still, there is that initial computer time before the delorms is even usable for anything other than basic navigation and positional awareness. The screen is small.

Delorme’s website has user forums and plenty of options for customer support. Robert, I personally prefer the DeLorme maps over the Garmin. Topo maps, aerial photos, and other data must be downloaded using the computer.

Availability The PN will be available beginning in July at retail stores and online sites specializing in GPS, outdoor recreation, and electronics products. I’ve continually upgraded through the ranks, but I believe that the PN will serve every need I’ll ever have!

The Delorme maps also allow calculating routes that follow roads and trails whereas, with the Garmin, it is necessary to load additional maps for that feature. It is also 2 a report on strange dvice by the PN40 and certain batteries during the testing processes — leading 3 to questions that I hope readers might answer. Do you have a way to test of your batteries are OK? Two AA alkaline batteries are all it requires for operation. Whether in a vehicle or on foot of course, you need to use common sense.


Enough time to get used to it before I actually tke it hunting.

The Device Setup Page – Delorme Earthmate PN User Manual [Page 70]

In the field, users will discover lightning-quick satellite acquisition, thanks to the high-sensitivity channel Cartesio chipset. The point they are making, and perhaps rightfully so for many people, is that how well you can read the screen, and delome quality of the data on the screen is more important than the size of the display.

Do not buy it!!! I never considered it as strong as say the Garmin 60CSx, however there were a p-n40 who would have debated that issue with me.

I tried powering down several times unsuccessfully. If you are looking for a gps that has auto estimate time of arrival in real time speed the p does not have this feature.