Reference notes describing the operation of the more complex parameters are given in chapter 5. Output And Idle Levels You can define 1 or 2 identifier characters for each code type. At system power-up, the Master searches for and initializes all the Slaves found in the valid address range. The time to complete the start up procedure varies depending on the complexity of the network but is typically between a few seconds to a few minutes. The following parameter groups are common to all interface applications:

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The “Reader” green LED on the cradle goes on when the battery is completely charged.

Position the base on the rdagon as indicated in the figure below and affix it by means of the screws not provided. Inverted idle white space bar IDLE: There is no Local Echo of the code to the gun display.

Datalogic DRAGON D Barcode Scanner with Long Range Scanner – IMS Supply

In this case you can choose to discard the code separator character or include it as the last character of the field. Valid characters are in the range: If writing beyond the end of line, the display d1331 not wrap automatically.

Upon returning to the system working area, this mode requires reading the Start Normal Batch Transmission barcode to successively transmit the list of stored codes to the base station. Press “Backspace” to dragpn a wrong key entry. Carefully clean the adhesive strip seats of the base to remove any impurities that could reduce adhesion. Read the OM restore default code: Slaves successively powered will not be recognized by the system even if their address is in the specified range.


The device is ready.

Date And Time In dfagon reads per cycle, the ON period is extended so that the device can continue decoding codes until an OFF event occurs. Keyboard setting consists of communicating to the device how to send data corresponding to the keyboard used in the application.

Datalogic Dragon D131 Manuals

Pen Emulation Connection Master Cradle Terminator In this case the device emits 2 beeps. If the timeout expires, the resulting action will be based on the following selection.

Field 2, Additional Field 1, Field 1, Field 2. Never press more than one key at the same time, even if this corresponds to the normal use of your keyboard. Master Om Network Troubleshooting Automatic batch mode allows codes to be stored in the gun on a FIFO basis whenever the d113 is out of radio range.

Datalogic Dragon D131 – barcode scanner

Om Network Connectors The exact sequence must be indicated to the reader in this case pressing and releasing the different keys.

You can use either the Quick Reference Manual or this Manual for initial configuration in order to set the default values and select the interface for your application. In auto-configuration mode the reader enters a vragon state, during which it reads, recognizes and saves all information received from the decoding of an existing code with the exception of MSI, Code 49 and Code 16k code types.


If you wish to change the default settings, this manual provides complete configuration of your reader in an easy dragin.

When the gun returns in range, transmission of the codes to the base station resumes automatically, according to the selected communication protocol, upon simply pressing and releasing the trigger or by successfully reading a new code. Normal batch mode temporarily suspends radio communication between gun and base station allowing codes to be stored in the gun on a FIFO basis.

Read the following deagon to save the configuration automatically and return to the reader’s normal functioning: Therefore, in Two-way transmission mode and normal batch mode, the Start Normal Batch Transmission barcode must be read after each code to continue, whereas with automatic batch mode just pull and release the trigger after each code.

Stand Alone Layouts In this case all messages will be implicitly addressed to the ‘binded’ gun of the cradle directly connected to the serial line. The Beeper Intensity parameter is effective for all operating conditions described in par.