In fact Active webcam, H webcam, and Blue iris all have grayed out menus with bt cards. Test your internet connection. After looking over more than 50 different software packages, I came up with these top 3 contenders for inexpensive software and I am starting to demo them now. Anyone know of a 4 channel card with 4 chipsets and wdm drivers thats reasonably priced??? While it may be possible to hoover up some old stocks around the globe we have finally given up trying and are informed that none of the manufacturing plants will be building this card anymore.

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Kodicom Out Of Production Sunday, November 24th, Well it was bound to happen eventually dcr now the Kodicom and its clones are finally no longer available. Bt87a hints on how to get BT cards working easily under Win7 are welcome, I would like to give them a try! I will try an IP cam to see how it works. These cards will work very well with Linux applications and in particular with the very well known Zoneminder software, and as this software is FREE you can easily make a very stable and reliable full featured Linux based DVR at a minimal cost.

Also the inputs are not in order they are all mixed up.

Results 1 to 10 of This card is the most popular a based card amongst LINUX users and in particular those who use that awsome application Zoneminder for Linux. Anyone know of a 4 channel card with 4 chipsets and wdm drivers thats reasonably priced???

Power Requirements for 8 Channel BTa DVR Card – ZoneMinder Forums

A quality 4 channel unit would be about as much as a computer, many people on this board can help you pick out a good model. PCs and their casings are getting smaller all the time and with the reduction in case size items such as expansion card fans are often not fitted and this combined with the smaller size means heat builds up inside the case faster.


Bt878q the gv have wdm drivers that will allow me to have 4 inputs? This card is a highly popular model for a number of reasons. Size of dvg driver: However if you use all four camera inuts then the maximum frame rate per camera will go down to about 6 FPS per camera.

Unknown DVR Capture Driver BT878A driver download and installation

These cards are available in single chip, four chip and eight chip models. Register a new account. There is also the free linux Zoneminder program but it only uses half drv resolution of the camera, because it throws out every other line of the interlaced image.

Just to make sure I was telling you the right bt8778a I added another camera to my bt card, so now I have 2 cameras on it. I also want to use IP and analog cams also.

I dcr around for awhile in Blue Iris trying to find a menu for IP cameras to adjust the video color, contrast, hue, saturation, and brightness. If I have a problem setting it up I will leave you a message. OK I lucked out, the IP camera fired up with minimal problems. It has a chip per channel and is therefor capable of higher frame bt878aa per channel than cards which use a chip for up to 4 channels.

Bg878a programs are very good and packed full of features which arent available in the bog standard software. Consequently cards using this chip have gathered a lot of support from a wide variety of sources. Thanks for your time. Posted March 1, How fast is your internet? The simple answer is that all electronic components live longer and benefit from a cooler operating temperature rather than letting them cook.


Edited March 1, by Guest. What makes this card really usefull is the fact that it can operate with Windows WDM drivers supplied which then allows the card to be used with 3rd party applications like Active Webcam, Argus DVR surveillance, iCatcher and GO etc. However you dvt note that using this extender effectively lowers the FPS per channel of the card because as soon as the chip for each channel is used for more than 1 dvrr input it must lower the framerate available for that chip.

Bt878s supply stick on heatsinks to order and will fit the heatsinks prior to dispatch on any of our BT cards if they are ordered at the same time as the cards. When using the supplied Kodicom – DVR NET software this output can be switched to provide a composite video output of any of the 4 inputs, or it can be set to sequence between them with a selectable dwell time for each channel.

Test your internet connection. I am actually using blue iris as my software for over 2 years now. Some silliness about drivers I suppose