Posted December 3, Thanks for posting this. We hope you continue to enjoy your Toyota. It’s priced dangerously close to the realm of the hyper hatch, with models like the Ford Focus RS offering impressive residuals and a more practical interior. Perhaps the updated suspension does a better job of keeping the front tyres in contact with the road, perhaps the ABS is now less intrusive, but either way it feels better to me. Every time we lend it out, it comes back with the rear tyres worn out!

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Who is the tallest driver here? – GT86/BRZ General Chat – Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ Drivers Club

With suspension optimised for going around bends rather than going over bumps, the GT86 is a tiring car to drive tzll town, on motorways and in the countryside. And emphasis on handling makes this one of the most compelling cars for enthusiasts, provided said enthusiasts are happy to compromise on almost everything else. Sign up for a new account in our community. Posted December 3, I found the leather ones to be more supportive.

The rationale was their previous experience with tall injection and the many problems that had occurred.


Toyota GT86 review: fun in slow-mo

By making the RF, Mazda has plonked its two-seater sportscar right next to the GT86 and invited comparison. It is really hard to believe this car made it to market. Not tried driving it yet in this position, but hopefully some improvement when I do tomorrow. He then left me gr86 practise in the GT I am all legs. Greater Vancouver New West Posts: He sit in there without any problem.

The fantastically communicative chassis does an annoyingly good job of conveying the minutiae of the road surface, directly into your coccyx.

You have other options use them. We’ve noticed you’re adblocking. They went against corporate culture and distrust to bring us a once in a lifetime car. T hen there’s the other tech. Despite being made inthe GT86 feels classic to drive — and a world apart from most acronym-filled, tech-assisted contemporaries.

By CAR’s road test team Our reviewers: Then it was my turn to go much slower. It’s not so fast, but it’s oh so fun. It was discontinued in while it was still on-sale in Japan until You can see this play out in ANY mixed-class racing where there are lightweight chasses with favorable power-to-weight ratios versus heavier, higher powered GT-type cars.


I took the GT86 along for an hour one evening to get some tips, after Wilson already spent a day training someone much faster. You also get a new 4. txll

Toyota GT86 review – it’s the car we keep asking for, but not the one we’ll buy

I loved that car. First impressions suggest sportiness combined with a complete lack of intimidation; rag it, definitely. No american made minivan can outrun the Scion FRS. Originally Posted by old greg. If the MX-5 is like stroking a fluffy cat that might turn and scratch you, the Toyota is a slobbery St Bernard dog that just wants to be your loyal friend.

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Find More Posts by old greg. Manufacturers need to think about what people want and need, not just what they need. For me, this is a car to pass down to your kid if they can appreciate it. This was for financial reasons.