Cache and memory in your system can process data in the tens of gigabytes per second. On the Fujitsu, it took one hour and three minutes 1: So it comes close to its desktop counterparts. The key technical characteristics of these drives in comparison with predecessors and competitors are published in Table 1. Hard drive performance in a typical personal computer mode is also estimated with two complex track tests — Futuremark PCmark 04 and C’T H2benchW.

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Now it’s high time to have a look at similar drives from the competitor, that is at the second series of mobile 7K drives from Hitachi — Travelstar 7K This is a prime product for speed, size and space.

Doom 3 is one of the more demanding games on the market today and its loading times are fairly long. Hitachi 7K is leading in the first test, quiet seek is even better than the regular mode, and the SATA model is outperformed by the PATA model travelsfar by a couple percents.

Frequently your system is only going to be as fast as the slowest component. Nevertheless, 7,100 can only welcome the fact that manufacturers strive to reach the desktop performance level in their notebook drives. While the Hitachi definitely loaded to the Windows XP desktop faster than the Fujitsu did, because of the wireless and Travelstra, final boot times were virtually identical between drives, measuring about a minute apiece.


To give travlstar a full understanding of just how slow a hard drive actually is, I submit the two following facts: With a spindle speed of rpm, this Hitachi hard drive transfers data at a rate of Mbps, with an internal data transfer rate of The following diagram was plotted by the calculated power consumption values.

Manufacturers’ efforts were definitely not lost. While desktop hard disks are pushing GB right now, the largest notebook drive is GB.

HGST Travelstar 7K HTSG9SA00 – hard drive – GB – SATA Gb/s Overview – CNET

Very reliable fast second generation Hard drive for laptops. Can I recommend it? Remember this information on platters, because it will be important later on as well. But on the ttavelstar, it’s no worse than in Seagate M Fantastic I was very surprised at the speed of this. Let’s proceed to tests.

Hard Drive Guide and Hitachi TravelStar 7K100 Hard Drive Review

No one is EVER ignored! Second generation RPM 2.

It is nearly teavelstar when idle, with a running sound emission of 26 dB. What concerns power consumption of Travelstar 7K SATA, there are no reasons to be optimistic – it’s actually the highest among all 2. They can also be used in video edit systems, graphics and CAD stations, or even in entry-level compact servers. Fujitsu HD view large image. Additional Product Features Drive Interface. FAT32 partitions were MB, the first one starting at the outer edge of the media on the “fastest” tracksand the second — exactly from the second half of the media volume.


Seek acoustics management via the AAM register is certainly supported here. More than that, by including the enclosure, Hitachi offers a cost-effective means of obtaining a GB, 2.

Data Readiness Can Lead to Business Transformation

BioShock Infinite and Metro: From the point of view of supported functions, the differences between 7Kseries models with different interfaces come down to the lack of Interface Power Management and NCQ support in UltraATA modifications. I was very surprised at the speed of this.

World of Warcraft also streams a lot of data from the hard drive during gameplay, which can cause stuttering as textures and models are loaded.

Most relevant reviews See all 16 reviews. More impressively, under the same heavy, sustained load, it too topped out at 52C. It’s much less than in most modern mobile 5K drives about Gbit per square inch and even greater in PRM series.

And travelshar my chill pad at home, it never really went below 46C after fairly continual use of the computer.