Now the application choices are icon-based, with a 3-by- 3 grid extending across three screens. Characters on screen are beautifully formed from curves and colors rather than the little pixel bricks of the previous x SP3. It’s very clearly a worthy evolution of the breed. The SP3 running Microsoft Windows SmartPhone realized that it had a duty to answer and place calls over and above all other tasks; and this it did quite well, much better than Pocket PC Phone Edition does. From the software you can browse your phone as a disk device and set up and configure synchronization.

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The SP5 is supplied with a USB cable for wired synchronisation, a stereo headset, a mains power adapter, a belt-clip-style protective case, the standard ActiveSync software CD and two printed manuals — one detailed and one a quick-start guide. Microsoft Windows Mobile 5. Apple iPhone 7 Plus 9. Visually it’s similar but helps separate server sync with local sync.

The screen is small i-maye you’ll need to consider that for yourself. Alongside the standard applications that come with Windows Mobile 5, i-mate includes support for Java, a file manager, a utility that clears i-mte internal storage and an application called Pictures and Video that supports image cropping and rotation, beaming to other devices and a slideshow feature. The battery cover has been much improved over the previous generation.

Two of the four keys handle Call and End functions, and the other two take you to the Messaging and Contacts applications.

Watching some content that I created for Smartphone at just Kbps revels the new s5pm to be much more detailed and hence deserving of higher quality. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. This review has been a short introduction to the new i-mate SP5m.


A solid 2-in-1 detachable with excellent connectivity. Audio quality is good; it’s clear and has a good dynamic range, it is especially evident in-car where every scrap of clarity is needed to help reduce fatigue. It’s taller too with a x 46 x 17mm case.

i-mate SP5m – Full Phone Specifications, Price

The pixel density is so high that clear-type is pretty much pointless. Perfect replacement for the original housing and make the phone look like a new one. The outer two map to the soft menus, while the inner pair take you Home and back to the previous screen. My Profile Log Out. Features include multi-party calling, conference, waiting, hold, lock, SMS messaging with concatenation of messages up to characters in length and alternative line service which, though not offered by T-Mobile yet allows you to have two numbers on the same phone.

Specially manufactured for i-mate SP5m, Precision machining fits the i-amte phone perfectly.

Being a well made and sturdy phone, such drops and accidents usually not cause any harm to the internal hardware of the “i-mate SP5m”. I thought dp5m would be a little redundant but it’s clear that the performance of the Wi-Fi interface is better than EDGE; Web pages draw more quickly and Active-Sync completes in a shorter time.

The phone now runs Windows Mobile 5, this is based upon Windows CE 5 and calls for a different memory model that before. Above these sits a button that on ep5m short press takes you to a controller for various communications features, and on a long press launches the built-in voice recorder program.

The old SP3i o-mate some issues with the radio coming out of ‘Flight mode’ with the radio still off.


The native resolution is xquality is on a par with other phone cameras; good for party snaps. The effect on battery life is marked; the radio defaults i-matte it switch off after i-amte a few minutes of inactivity; it restores when you begin to use the system again but it does not seem to start up to grab email, instead preferring the GPRS connection.

Happily, this is relatively large and each key is slightly raised at its lower edge, making it easy to find. Flip Cover for i-mate SP5m.

The integrated ‘Comm Manger’ software is launched from its own dedicated button on the side and allows switch on and off of the various radios.

i-mate SP5

Replacing this party might need technical skills like disassembling and assembling your i-mate SP5m. Sound quality is good, plenty of dynamic range and good clarity.

For those new to Smartphone, when you press ‘Menu’ the menu items have a number by the side to allow you to quickly jump to that item… They’ve now gone, even a re-boot won’t restore my menus! Like most HTC cameras, the SP5m’s shows color fringing and blown out lightlights, and it can’t handle night shots well.

It will, no doubt be itself the target of a virus such is the hacking community but I suspect it will hold up being a long time fan of CA’s desktop AV solutions. Bluetooth support is very much improved in WM5 and now works with a much broader range of devices.