I’m out of Brazil. Do not use the phone if the antenna is damaged. Page 10 Part Display Allows you personalize your phone’s display by selecting different graphics. Pacemakers The Health Industry Manufacturers Association recommends that a minimum separation of six 6 inches be maintained between a handheld wireless phone and a pacemaker to avoid potential interference with the pacemaker.

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Downloads is a technology and service that allows you to download and use applications on your phone. Wap Settings Delivery Notice: If you press or left soft key while the phone is ringing, the ringing or vibration is muted for that call. Adding a Pause to an Existing Number From standby mode, press in grid menu style. Speaker On Quick Cancellation Press again.

Your mw56 may be able to assist you in obtaining this information.

Safety Safety agenda of research needs that has driven the establishment of new research programs around the world. Turning the Phone Off. Use to highlight the Contact entry.

Charger And Adapter Mw506 Please dispose of your mww560 properly or take it to your local wireless carrier for recycling. It’s fun and as easy to use as a traditional point-and-click camera: Shows the memory information. It will sound the reminder after you exit a call. Left Soft Key Press Phonebook and select Contact List.



Save the selected message to SIM. D-day Counter Up to 10, can be saved.

Display Allows you personalize your phone’s display by selecting different graphics. Screen Icons Screen Icons When the phone is powered on, the top line of the LCD screen displays lt indicating the status of the phone.

You can then select a number from the list to call or edit. Table Of Contents 2.

Downloads Downloads allows you to do more than just talk on your phone. Simply store your appointments and your phone will alert you with a reminder of your appointment. Using any charger other than the one included with the PW may damage your phone or battery. Clear Key Press to delete a single space or character. Press Right Soft Key Option. The Battery To use the charger provided with your phone: Select the search criteria using or press the corresponding number on the keypad: Use to highlight the Contact entry you want to edit, then press 3.


Receiving Calls When the phone rings or vibrates press to answer. With this feature on, messages are automatically saved in the Sent when transmitted. Manner Mode Quick Activation From standby mode press for 3 seconds. Tips on Efficient Operation For your phone to operate most efficiently: To use the charger provided with your phone: Phone Numbers With Pauses When you call automated systems such as voice mail or credit billing numbers, you often have to enter a series of numbers.

But if you are concerned about the RF exposure from these products, you can use measures like those described above to reduce your RF exposure from wireless phone use.

Customer Care Center Listen to the confirmation message and you can get information of Vivo supporting.