To be clear, just because a Lutron product employs Clear Connect does not necessarily mean it is compatible with other Clear Connect devices. Works perfectly if it’s connected through an ethernet adapter but won’t work on wifi. I’ll report back once I’ve had a chance to see. The only problem is connecting to processors on programs lutron radiora2 and Homeworks which use multicast over the wifi card. I tried but can’t get it to reproduce those results. State-of-the-art technology is used to calculate the appropriate position of window treatments based on the geographical location and orientation of the home. A new Rachio competitor, an AI-driven camera “policeā€¦.

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I assume the same thing will happen with Radio RA2 Select except you really don’t need any training since it is all app based.

Top Solution Authors Leaderboard. I came back later to find my logs being saturated with continuous “Received” messages for every device in my house.

Home Automation

I’ll give it a go and let you know the outcome later tonight. Share This Page Tweet. It’s not the USG though if configured correctlylike I said I have many, many services running directly in my network, 2 dedicated web servers for webrelays, a Mac webserver and separate web servers for WordPress, MediaWiki, and RoundCube, as well as 10 IP web cameras running web servers, calendar services, etc. It will only work while my phone is connected within the UniFI network which is the issue.


Any way that the Informational messages could be filtered to only when the state value actually changes? Google [Bot] Logout hetwork Google [Bot] ]. RadioRa 2 starts with the main repeater, which houses the radio, Netwirk and IP ports for integration, and an on-board astronomic clock. Hi, It works fine now. I used to know exactly where it was. This protocol is public, so technically RA2 Select can integrate with any system that has the ability to send this type of command.

I’ve attached a screenshot.

Lutron RadioRA 2 System Overview

DylanS2Aug 6, Audio Intersection nixes the high-voltage cable in this Elan smart home, runningā€¦. I don’t have any Caseta, but I am really interested in knowing if I could support both Caseta and Radio RA2 Select installed in the same house at the same time.

Doesnt matter if its shared or bridged lutrln still doesnt work, staticing ip addresses doesnt help. I am having this exact same problem with the exact same set of circumstances.

RA2 Select can receive inbound Lutron Integration Protocol command rafiora from third-party systems over the Ethernet. Page 13 of 14 In this unique case, the following outbound ports need to be accessible through your firewall: I had mine installed roughly 4 years ago. Security dealers and home-tech integrators should try Nextdoor. No port forwarding is required to use remote access. How old is the wireless design on the Lutron?


Aug 31, Location: Since it works fine while on the network and it doesn’t work while off the network, I’m assuming the USG is blocking my mobile raciora to Lutron from an external IP.

Multiroom Audio Installations Special Report: Users browsing this forum: I’ll have to check and see if I have that tick when I get home in a few hours. Granted a service such as DynDNS charges an annual fee as well, but I already have a subscription for other purposes so it was a no brainer with my previous router to do.

Problem connecting with programs Lutron Radiora2 & Lutron Homeworks

My apologies for not knowing, but how do I set compatibility mode? Posted on Sun Oct 22, 9: Some plugin are on GitHub and some are download files from the Indigo forum hosting software?

Hello i have a new Macbook pro with radiira copy of the latest windows 10 on it running parallels.