The cpu cooler was another case, I upgraded the stock cpu cooler to a Zalman copper cooler A I think and that reduced the cpu temps by up to 10 degrees under load. The fact that your system would lock up when doing video editing indicates that their is some kind of issue in the way the memory is communicating with the CPU. I shall check back a bit later this week to see if that helped. I guess I tried to ignore a problem. Would you want your AM3 cpu to be

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Glad I could help.

If I had anyone around me with a decent PC, I’d do that. I quickly sent the page link to a friend to make sure I had a ja770 and that the AM3 sticker was really there. All I’ve got left to try is removing one of the sticks of ram. If dd3 does boot then you have a motherboard that is toast. When you introduced this motherboard you advertised boldly that it will be supporting AM3 cpu then all of a sudden when the time comes you refuse to supply bios upgrades.

RUS-User, 4 months ago. They claimed AM3 support for this board so the reference design supports AM3 from the beginning else how could they make such a claim. Home Help Login Register. In fact this is the first time I ever saw a big manufacturer blatantly lie like this and get away with it, false advertisement is a crime not so?


He also claims that Gigabyte had ‘officially’ supported AM3 on this board ,a770 this bios version. OK finally after 5 emails december gigabyte. About ds33 heating issue, remember the TDP rating is just the maximum energy the cpu could dissipate, not the power usage.

Gigabyte MA770-DS3

Believe me I would have kept pestering them for years until they released the bios update. I did dds3 the pci-e graphics card and fitted a PCI one I have for spare testing.

However since Giga-Scammers are liars, when the time came to hold up their end of the deal they quickly replaced the board with a new revision 2. Here are some information and screen shots of the results. ESP-User, 6 days ago. I left a question with Gigabyte TW on their support. Arctic Cooling MX3 is maa770 to be the best around and it is not conductive, however I still think the classic Arctic Silver 5 is just as good as it has a burn-in period and gets better over time.

Will it work with this mobo? What is quad core floating point speed? What is thermal design power TDP? Nothing out of the ordinary has happened to suggest that. I shall check back a bit later this week to see if that mma770.


GA-MADS3 (rev. ) | Mainboards – GIGABYTE Germany

But after looking on the gigabyte cpu es3 list I’m confused about which cpu I can buy to replace it. Not really an issue for most people as people should know better. About the only people left selling this type. RUS-User, 1 month ago. Once again it confirms what I was trying to explain to those incompetent fools at Gigabyte, that they just need to supply a simple BIOS update but they are sticking with their lies for now.

Be nice if there was a basic CPU test device on the market. Probably in order to push their more modern boards he claims.

I guess I tried to ignore a problem. Please enter your feedback here.

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