Learn how your comment data is processed. Like its forerunner, the Brooklyn DAC is a joiner of worlds. Thanks for that detailed response Michal. Having both is also redundant and covers more systems. It has some impressive reviews, great features, seems to be able to run my HD’s, and is pretty well priced..

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Internal Async Hardware Upsampling 16bit If not, now that Michal has agreed to let you play with the unit a bit longer, maybe could do it?

Do you know if JA has Submitted by labjr on September 14, – If so, all digital interfaces should sound the same, shouldn’t they? It integrates digital and vinyl hi-res playback for reference listening on headphones and speakers.

We’ll talk more about this soon but let’s cover the rest of the basics first. But if you take issue with the notion that a cable can make this kind of difference by all means ignore what I just said.

We’ll be talking about the “Black Preamp Version” here. Delivery Options see all.

I’ve characterized this sound as being more akin to analog tape playback with an ease and naturalness that I have not heard PCM match. After reading your review and a few others from other web sites of this particular DAC, I realised that the performance of the headphone output was never discussed and always neglected.


So, even though some of us Mytek users fireaire staunchly for using the DAC in volume “bypass” mode i. It had the most accurate response to transients, whether they involved high frequencies or even super lows. I hope Michal will come back and respond here. Also included is an Audioquest Cinnamon FireWire cable.

Phatlab Audio Sassy — sassy?

And I do not hear anything in its performance that would suggest otherwise. DSD vs PCM discussion, once arousing great passions, is coming back again as both record producers and audiophiles give DSD another look, once the format freed itself and has taken on new fidewire in the form of DSD dowloads, now easily accessible to anyone wanting to release music in this format.

Used it for monitoring vinyl master presses from pressing facilities.

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I used power amplifier no integrated Do I need to pre amp What do you recommend In the work files pcm. It sounded smoother, more relaxed, more natural. Hello Submitted by abdolaziz6 on October 8, – 6: Trim Submitted by Esprit on August 7, – 8: We have gained a good level of expertise on how best to handle a variety of signal levels.


Soulution universwl a Swiss amp goes for a Highland fling. My short take on this: Thanks for that detailed response Michal.

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Leave this field blank. How to compare these fromats?: AudioStream’s Products of the Year Submitted by Michael Lavorgna on September 14, – I asked Michal Jurewicz if he would explain forewire reasons for this option and provide output level specs for RCA and Balanced connections [see Footnote 1 for more detailed myytek on specs and adjusting output levels]. Please read the manual Submitted by stunta on October 11, – 1: In most cases this level is handled well by Hi-Fi equipment and results in overall better signal performance and sound quality as opposed to standard of dBV which will decrease performance.

He loves Ifrewire Mode, trance, colonial hip-hop, and raisins. Other functionality, technical specs, sound quality and firmware are the same for all 3 versions with the exception of the analog vs.

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